Properties of GEOMATERIALS foam glass gravel

GEOMATERIALS foam glass gravel is

is a highly heat-insulating, ecological alternative for insulation to building floors from 99% recycled glass.

GEOMATERIALS foam glass gravel properties:

  • excellent thermal resistance capability – (certified conductivity of 0.08 W/mK).
  • high compressive strength: the lattice structure creates a high compressive strength of >570 kN/m².
  • closed cell – nil capillary action
  • superior hydraulic conductivity: the uniformed grain size and no fines create the highest degree of drainage capacity without causing settlement to the building or slab.
  • inert: meets the highest standards for inert building material. Leaching tests did not show any adverse effects.
  • 100% ecological: made from 99% recycled glass
  • light weight: low density 150 kg/m³
  • fire resistance: In compliance with EN Class A1 sintering point above 700°C.