Manufacturing process of GEOMATERIALS foam glass gravel

The raw material: recycling glass

GEOMATERIALS foam glass gravel is manufactured from 99% recycling glass.

The manufacturing process:

The first step in the process is crushing the glass bottles into small pieces then into an extremely fine powder. After the material has been blended with natural foaming agents, it is dropped on the conveyor belt that feeds the kiln.

The blend rises as it bakes and bubbles of gas released during the backing process follow a torturous path as they escape, creating a network of pore cells in the material creating a rigid and highly porous foam with the desired physical properties.

Once done baking at close to 900°C, the "foam glass cake" comes out of the kiln on the conveyor belt to cool down. As soon as it reaches room temperature, the product cracks into smaller chunks, our GEOMATERIALS foam glass gravel.