Properties of GEOCELL foam glass aggregate

The combination of many advantages in one product

GEOCELL® foam glass aggregate is a high quality product made from post-consumer recycled glass. It meets the highest quality requirements and provides outstanding features, which has no other product in this variety. GEOCELL® is 100 % mineral and combines low density with a high compressive strength. In addition to its very good thermal and sound insulating properties, it is also resistant to moisture, fire, chemicals and aging - a true "all-rounder". This combination of positive properties is providing many advantages and making GEOCELL® suitable for different industries.

GEOCELL® advantages:

  • Low density and high compressive strength: Despite the low bulk density (190 - 200 kg/m³) GEOCELL® is very pressure resistant due to its spherical structure.
  • Excellent thermal insulating properties: The multicellular structure of the GEOCELL® spheres provides a very good Lambda value of 0.07 W/(m·K).
  • Excellent sound absorption: GEOCELL® expanded glass effectively absorbs noise.
  • 100 % mineral: GEOCELL® is non-combustible and releases no harmful gases when heat is applied. GEOCELL® is classified according DIN 4102 (DIN EN 13501-1) as construction material class A1 and suitable as fire extinguishing agent.
  • Spherical grain shape: The spherical shape gives GEOCELL® special features like great free-flowing properties. This facilitates an easy feed and dosage in your manufacturing process and comfortable mixing in formulations. The closed and rough surface in combination with the spherical shape provide very good adhesion of binders.
  • Health-friendly material: GEOCELL® is pure glass, inert, non-toxic, solvent-free, fibre-free, odour-neutral, anti-allergen, radiologically completely safe. The amorphous glass structure prevents the danger of silicosis
  • Resistant: GEOCELL® is resistant to frost, heat, decay, aging, bacteria, moisture, acids, organic solvents and provides no host for pests, rodents, nor mould growth. GEOCELL® is perfectly suited for the combination with alkaline binders like lime, cement, water glass and other binders.
  • Long-term stability: GEOCELL® is dimensionally stable even after years (no material shrinkage, no swelling).
  • Environment friendly: Using post-consumer recycled glass for the production of GEOCELL® saves natural resources.
  • Just like glass: GEOCELL® is recyclable and supports a sustainable building regarding LEED.