Production of GEOMATERIALS foam glass

Production of GEOMATERIALS Foam Glass Aggregate

The raw material: waste glass

The raw material for GEOMATERIALS expanded glass is recycled glass. This valuable secondary raw material is reprocessed using collection systems.

GEOMATERIALS expanded glass is made from selected glass fractions that are not used for the production of bottles and glasses. GEOMATERIALS closes a gap in the recycling cycle and conserves natural resources.


The production process:
First, recycling glass is finely ground, mixed and shaped. The so-called green grain is then sintered and foamed (expanded) in the rotary kiln. This process creates light, round grains with a closed, fine pore structure. After cooling, the cream-white granules are divided into individual grain fractions by sieving.

Recycling glass
Recycling glass
GEOCELL foam glass bubbles loose