Building insulation below floor slab

sub-base insulation with GEOCELL foam glass gravel

The benefit of a GEOCELL® insulation under the floor slab is a structure without thermal bridges. Since it is an exterior insulation, heat cannot dissipate. Thus, there is no water condensation and as a consequence, no mould formation appears.

GEOCELL® foam glass aggregate (or gravel) is versatile because of its unique light weight, load bearing, draining and insulation properties, providing a sustainable replacement for conventional building materials.

GEOCELL® foam glass aggregate is an insulation material for underground structures, that saves energy and contributes to a comfortable indoor environment. It is both economical and environmentally sound


  • EXCELLENT INSULATION VALUES: the large number of enclosed cells in each pellet, ensures excellent insulation characteristics. lambda = 0.08 w/mK
  • INCREDIBLY STRONG due to its glass cell structure, GEOCELL® provides excellent compressive strength
  • NON-CAPILLARY, NON COMBUSTIBLE cellular glass is comprised of closed cells that do not absorb water. Classified as an A1 building material
  • PERMANENTLY STABLE stability, durability, resistance against insects and rodents
  • SUSTAINABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY made from 100% recycled glass inert and essentially ph-neutral
  • CE CERTIFICATION: GEOCELL® declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives
  • SAVING TIME AND MONEY GEOCELL® is quicker to install than conventional methods cutting construction time and cost


simple installation using a vibrator plate