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GEOCELL® foam glass gravel

An Allrounder with many advantages

GEOCELL® foam glass gravel  is extremely versatile because of its unique characteristics of light weight, load bearing, draining and insulating properties. Foamed glass aggregate is a sustainable replacement for traditional building materials in:

  • Insulation of basements, under the slab as well as backfill
  • New floor in old buildings
  • Insulation of rooftops
  • Lightweight fill material for landscaping, roof gardens, green roofs
  • Road construction where pressure resistant light weight fill is required
  • Bridge abutments and other construction where light weight fill is required
  • Insulating of underground pipelines

GEOCELL Schaumglas GmbH, operating four manufacturing facilities in Austria and Germany, is one of the leading European manufacturers of foam glass gravel. 

GEOCELL Schaumglas has many years of experience in the continuous production of foam glass gravel. In cooperation with its sister company Schlüsselbauer Technology turnkey production lines for the manufacturing of foam glass gravel are produced for their own use but also for export markets.